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Hacking Bank (Tips dan Trick)

Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya melakukan komunikasi melalui chat rahasia Seorang Hacker yang berada dinegara lain. (maaf saya tidak dapat menyebutkan nama dan asalnya teman saya, untuk menjaga privacy dari teman saya)
kami saling sharing mengenai seputar hacking, dan yang paling menarik bagi saya adalah bagaimana cara menghack sebuah bank?. dia mengirimkan saya email yang isinya trick-trick menghack bank. Dan caranya pun dilakukan murni sebagai seorang programer tanpa tools (aplikasi bantuan).
Berikut ini adalah isi dri email yang dikirimkan kepada saya: (dalam teks bahasa Inggris, silahkan terjemahkan sendiri artinya..)

This file explains the basics of hacking the Bank of America Home Banking System. The information you can get from this system is great, but there are limitations. Don't expect to be able to find a certain persons information, when hacking on this system you go for anyones account you can find, there is NO WAY you can find a certain persons account. The reason being, one the person must have requested to have the Home Banking service. The second being you have to have that persons last 9 digits on their versatel card. So as you can seen the chances are against you finding a certian person. The uses of this system are still many if you are a carder. You can get a persons Visa and Master Card numbers. Once you have these you may card an Item and then pay it off. I will go into further details following the intro.

Connecting With the System

To connect with the Bank's computer call your local Tymnet service and type the following:


For a little information about the login, as far as I have done is checked my area and in California the two biggest closest cities to where I live is San Francisco & Los Angeles. Which is the ending SF & LA. Listed below are a FEW of the other abreviations for the other states.
Alaska-AN-Anchorage                  :   Maryland-BM-Baltamore
Alabama-MT-Montgomery                :   Maine-PT-Portland
Arkansas-LR-Little Rock              :   Michigan-AA-Ann Arbor
Arizona-PH-Phoenix                   :            BC-Battle Creek
British Columbia-PG-Prince George    :   Minnesota-MN-Minneapolis
Califonia-LA-Los Angeles             :   Missouri-CB-Columbia
          SF-San Francisco           :   Mississippi-JK-Jackson
          LB-Long Beach              :   Montana-BL-Billings
Colorado-DN-Denver                   :   North Carolina-HP-High Point
Connecticut-BP-Bridgeport            :   North Dakota-GF-Grand Forks
District of Columbia-WA-Washington   :   Nebraska-GI-Grand Island
Delaware-NW-NewarkWilming            :   New Hampshire-CN-Concord
Florida-BR-Boca Raton                :   New Jersey-AC-Atlantic City
Hawaii-HN-Honolulu                   :   New Mexico-AB-Albuquerque
Iowa-DM-Des Moines                   :   Nevada-LV-Las Vegas
Idaho-BO-Boise                       :   New York-DP-Deer Park
Illinois-CH-Chicago                  :   Oklahoma-OC-Oklahoma City
Indiana-FW-Ft. Wayne                 :   Pennsylvania-PI-Pitsburgh
Kansas-KC-Kansas City                :   Texas-DL-Dallas
Kentucky-BG-Bowling Green            :   Virginia-FF-Fairfax
Massachusetts-BT-Boston              :   Washington-SE-Seatle

Connection Established

After you have connected with the system you will get the following prompts:


The Identification number is a ")" followed by the last nine digits of someones versatel card. The first two digits in a zone are ALWAYS the same. These first two digits are like the area codes for a Versatel Card. The easiest way to find out what the two numbers for your area are is look at your parents or your card. After you have gotten the first two digits least that lower the nine digit code down to seven. The ID# is what I have found the hardest to get a hold of. So once you have that all your troubles are over!


This is alot easier to get than the ID# like on most systems that have users that are not aware of the dangers of having a code that is obvious, this system also has unskilled people using it. The passwords are VERY easy to guess. The only thing that makes it a little harder for hacking is they do not echo the characre is one quick way around that, HALF DUPLEX.

Here are two ID#'s and Passcodes that I have hacked, please use them sparingly and dont do any major damage.

   ID#   :     PASSCODE
)694532344: VERTELL
)692313425: MAXCREDIT

Benifits of B of A Over TRW

On this system not only can you cedit their credit information after you have it and card an Item you can scramble their funds around and they will NEVER know what hit them. The best thing to do is wait for three days after you have carded the item, then call the system and pay the item off and then trnasfer their funds from their checking to their Credit Card and vise versa and then
go into the savings and throw that money were ever. It works great because after they get everything straight agian they will notice some money gone, blame it on the bank and never think of out side "help".

Main Menu Commands

Here is what you can expect to find once you login to the system:

           COMMAND LIST
         1-MAIN MENU
         2-PAY BILLS
         8-LOG OFF

The Following commands can be entered at any "?" prompt and do the following:

         ?-COMMAND LIST
         P-NEXT PAGE

Semoga Trick ini dapat digunakan sebagai pembelajaran bagi anda.
Saya tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala bentuk hal yang melanggar hukum dari pembaca artikel ini.
Salam hangat dari saya EL87.

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